Exploring member-centered financial experiences.

With the rise of high deductible health plans, members are paying more out of pocket for their care than they ever have. Our team aimed to better understand what a member-centric financial experience would look like.



We focused on three areas.


The overall experience

We learned about member and staff financial experiences through in-home interviews and clinic observations.



Our first design dive focused on understanding and prototyping tools to help members plan for prenatal care costs.


Primary Care

Our second design dive focused on designing new ways to react to costs resulting from a primary care visit.



And are proud of the outcomes.


Insights and Opportunities

Our research surfaced key themes and opportunities surrounding the needs and expectations of dealing with costs of KP care. These findings serve as a guide for our partners across KP working to improve the financial experience of our members and staff.


40+ Prototypes

We developed over 40 prototypes exploring how to communicate the cost of care. We designed and tested text messages, emails, printed handouts, conversations, space design, and digital experiences.


Inclusive Design Process

Our inclusive design process welcomed a diverse set of insights and expertise. We presented at 30+ internal shareouts, created a field vlog, and invited visitors to join us in the clinic for research and testing.



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