Inspiring radical collaboration, not coordination.

In response to significant membership growth, Kaiser Permanente committed to build new medical offices in Southern California. Our SCAL partners saw this new growth as an opportunity to set a bold vision for the future of health care delivery. In the early phases of this work, we led design research and shared insights to set the stage for larger scale design efforts. Fast-forward a few years, and we re-engaged with our partners to field test reimagined care delivery experiences.



We led design research in 2012. 

We traveled to the homes of 20+ members to gain a holistic understanding of their lives. We explored what happens beyond a member's interactions with us as a patient. We gathered stories and synthesized insights to set the stage for larger scale design efforts that resulted in the "Health Hub" concept.


Kaiser Permanente Health Hubs represent a total overhaul of the patient experience, from the check-in process to the aesthetics of the waiting area to the way doctors and nurses interact with members and one another.




We re-engaged in 2015 to test new concepts in the field.

Health Hub clinics were envisioned to deliver a completely new experience. Everything was changing. Our IT, facility and operation teams were responsible for bringing together space, technology and operational realities.

To help with that process, we developed a field testing approach where cross-functional teams could try out these envisioned experiences in a live care delivery setting. We invited clinicians, front-office staff, and members to co-design with us every step of the way.



Here are some of the outcomes:


IT teams accelerated development and addressed unanticipated user needs.


We identified opportunities that save costs and improve operational efficiencies.


We inspired new approaches to staff training and change management.


We developed a trial and error testing process that unlocked unprecedented engagement with local operations, IT, and clinical staff.